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The names differ - however some farmers have the same problems with the irrigation of their fields in the whole world: in dry areas the water is so limited that they must get it from far on - if need to be along sheer rockfaces. 

Fascinating technology in Rhineland-Palatinate:
Weir at the Queich (Offenbacher Wehr)
with irrigated meadows (Offenbacher Oberwiesen) in the background. 

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Many tourists don't know anything about these great cultural monuments - and is not rarely also the native ones don't know, which cultural treasures they have in their native country. And so this walks are best suitable, if still snow lies far above - in the spring still or in the autumn already - or if  the weather is not so good. And if you want to learn more about the people and their native country, where you spend your holidays - and also about centuries of fears and hard times around the water - and why the water courses in the Valais are called the Holy waters

Perhaps you now are courios about this adventure - and if you want to spend your next vacation in the Valais or South Tyrol - you will find some useful information on these sites. 

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